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It's Friiiiiiiday (Crap, just two more days until Monday!)

Posted by Larry Yoakum III on September 23, 2016 at 9:25 AM

Greetings readers. How have you all been? I finally got my copies of Haunting On The Nobility for my upcoming book signing. Again, it is at Half Price Books, 3085 N George Bush Fwy, Garland, TX 75040 on Saturday the 8th of October from 1 to 3 PM. I have to leave pretty promptly after that because I’m officiating a wedding for a coworker at 5 PM. That Saturday should prove most productive.

Currently I am still reworking the relaunch of the Targothian series with the first book, The Targothian: Sargas. It is basically a retelling of the events of The Targothian: Book I but with more detail on what happened those first 10 years that Sargas served the Elginian Imperium. Won’t necessarily have exactly 9 books now. Not sure of how many. It will be what it will be. I will be doing one book a year of it until it is done, likely to be published around March or April. Then I’ll be working on my next book Baba Yaga: Cannibal Witch, and that is a loose sequel to Redcap of course. Baba was a side character in Redcap and I felt she deserved her own tale.

Later on this year, my wife and I are taking a cruise. We’re going in December, and I know what you’re thinking. Why the hell would I want to take a cruise in December. The Carribean won’t be the same as a winter here in the states. It might be cooler, but will not be cold. Plus we got a good deal on it. We’re forgoing buying X-Mas presents for each other this year as we are buying the all-inclusive alcohol package for the trip. That’s our present to ourselves, though I still plan on buying her some stuff.

So, that’s my plan. 2 books a year, one in March or April, and one for the Halloween season. Since I like to write horror and fantasy type stuff with mythological monsters and the like, Halloween is the perfect time of year for me to publish. I will do that in mid-September so if I can manage another signing I will have something appropriate to sell.

OK, now time for a quick rant. Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to eat lunch at work and people come up and ask you work-related questions? I’m off the friggin clock, people!

And with that, I shall talk to you later. Have a grand ol’ weekend.


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