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My books

This book contains my poetry and some written articles I've done over the years.  It isn't one of my bigger books, as I don't do a lot of poetry, but I find it entertaining, as does everyone I've talked to who has read it.

Available in paperback and in ebook format on the Kindle, Nook, and Kobo.

Book 1 of my Folklore Series.  

Kyle West, while visiting family after the murder of a young child, is starting to have visions of a horrid little monster. After meeting a mysterious private detective, Kyle comes face to face with the creature in the blood red cap

This isn't one of my self published books, but I was once an author for Publish America.  They did a project where they listed all their authors alphabetically in a collection called "Why We Wrote".  I am in volume 4, but all the volumes are great.  It is interesting to read about all those authors and what motivated them to write.  If you wanted to get these, they are available on the America Star Books website (formerly Publish America)  I don't own the rights to this book and I wouldn't get any royalties for it.  Nevertheless, I think it is worth having in any book collection.

Another thing I am listed in is a work that Publish America/America Star Books did called Who Is Who In American Literature.  To get this book, go to

Again, I don't get royalties for this, but still, an interesting read about some of the world's best writers.  Why am I in here?  I paid for it as a vanity publishing item. 

This book is a collection of all my short stories, as well as two articles I wrote about the nature of evil.  The stories cover a wide variety of topics, such as a grocery store in Hell, a creature that produces fear pheromones to subdue its prey, a pair of sentient testicles, and conflicts between angels.

All of my stories take place in the same shared universe. 

But, if I ever deviate from that and have a story take place in a different reality, just remember, the multiverse is a big place and is full of many universes. 

Available in paperback and on the Amazon Kindle in ebook.

Book 2 of my Folklore Series.

Baba Yaga, a witch from Russian and Slavic mythology, has her true tale told as only I can do it.

 A story about a haunted cruise ship, a cursed painting, and the ghost of a young girl who has been trapped from her soulmate for a very long time.  Will Bill Bauer discover why the painting seems to call to him?