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Some words of encouragement

Posted by Larry Yoakum III on August 12, 2019 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (0)

I know that as an author, I like to talk about my books, promote my books, all that stuff. But, in addition to being an author, I also must hold down a full time job to pay the bills.

So, with that said, I'd like to give a special shout out to all my fellow authors out there who are having to toil away their day in a 9 to 5. Whether you fill out corporate reports or flip burgers or bag groceries or, like I do, jockey a forklift, loading and unloading trucks, no matter what, I commend you.

And, not just my fellow authors, but all you artistic types. Painters and songwriters. Guitar pickers and street poets. In our world, we must all pay as we go, and for some of us, that means we have to work jobs we don't care much for.

But, don't that get you down. You need to continue to compose that prose, paint that portrait, jam on your guitar playing solos, or write the kind of stories you love to read.

After all, we're not going to be on this planet forever. One day, we'll all be in the ground and what we'll leave behind will hopefully inspire and entertain future generations for centuries to come. We'll live on after we're dead through our works.

My thoughts on the Star Wars Prequels

Posted by Larry Yoakum III on May 13, 2019 at 2:25 PM Comments comments (0)

OK, first off, I love Star Wars and everything it involves. The Force, the criminal underworld, the Republic military ships, and, OK, even those insipid Ewoks. I love Legends and Canon both.   That being said, there are three major issue I've always had with the Prequels, and NO, I'm not saying I hate the Prequels or that they're not as good or whatever other arguments there may be.


My major issues are:


1 - Anakin being a little kid when he was discovered. The way Obi Wan described him in Return of the Jedi as "When I first knew him, your father was already a great pilot" so I figured he was older, maybe late teens or early twenties. Maybe a planetary defense pilot. The thing about Anakin being a slave was fine and even a master podracer and mechanic. That "Great Pilot" description fits in there, but I never would have thought him a child.


2 - The Jedi had a structure much like an organized religion. OK, not a big deal as the Force can be considered a religion. Hell, we even have a Jedi Church here in the USA. But when Obi Wan said, "I took it upon myself to train him as a Jedi. I thought I could instruct him just as well as Yoda. I was wrong."


To me, that sounded like the Jedi were lone warriors and peace keepers traveling the Galaxy putting wrongs right and fighting in honor of the downtrodden. Obi Wan sounded like he discovered Anakin and said "Hey, I learned from the best master ever, Yoda, and if Yoda could train me, naturally I could train an apprentice." I never would have imagined that Obi Wan's own master found the kid and his dying request to Obi Wan being "Train the boy."


3 - Padme dying in childbirth. I know Lucas said "Palpatine was drawing her life force away to keep Anakin alive while he underwent the transformation to Darth Vader" OK, fine. But the movie made it look like she was being a pathetic young girl. "Oh, my man is gone and I don't want to live anymore! I'm going to simply let myself go so that my babies can grow up in a cold, cruel galaxy without me." I always imagined her on the run protecting the kids and was fatally wounded. Handing the kids off to Obi Wan and Bail Organa saying, "I'm not going to make it. Protect my kids please!" And from there, separating them to protect them.


But, then again, I still love the saga and I personally don't get mad at someone doing a story different than how I would. It's their tale, their epic story. I have my own stories I write my way and would never change it just because someone said, "You should have done it this way."


I am not telling George Lucas how to do his story. I'm merely giving my opinions and conjectures about what I perceived from the classic trilogy.


Thanks for your time.


Reality is up for grabs

Posted by Larry Yoakum III on April 14, 2019 at 9:15 AM Comments comments (0)
The subject is reality. Many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view. OK, that's not mine. That's from Return of the Jedi. But it's apt. So, on with my topic at hand. Our perception is our reality. One man's reality can be another's fantasy. Who's to say what is true and what is only in our heads? If one person believes enough in something, whether or not you think it is foolish or stupid, to that person, it is real. Perhaps this was how all the philosophies and religions of the world started. Perception. One person was able to convince others that the truth was what they perceived. Such is the belief structure of the world's faiths. Back in the day, Zeus, Odin, Ra, all of these gods from what we call mythology used to be worshiped as the powerful deities of religion. Today, many consider them to be children's stories and beautiful poetic fiction. Then you take Scientology. It's a cult. It's crap. It's people worshiping science fiction. But I ask you this. How is it any more unbelievable than a Creator that made the universe out of nothingness? I'm not say that is false, don't get me wrong. But how is that more feasible than the titans of Greek mythology or some intergalactic warlord cramming souls into physical bodies to enslave them? Point being, reality is what we make of it, and as long as no one is trying to force you to comply with their version, then you should 'live and let live'. We don't all have to agree with one another but we have to realize that we're stuck on this planet together and we should make the best of it instead of trying to force others to change the way they believe in order to fit into your idea of the truth of things. After all, many atrocities have been carried out in the name of a peaceful deity. OK, that is all for now. Thank you drive through.

The Targothian Trilogy

Posted by Larry Yoakum III on April 9, 2019 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (0)

OK, I know it isn't Sunday, but it's my blog and I'll post if I want to. 

I'm sure I've mentioned this in my YouTube channel, but I'll put it here, too.  The Targothian originally was going to be 9 novellas.  Instead, I have turned it into a trilogy.  The original Books 1, 2, and 3 are now The Targothian: Sargas.  Books 4, 5, 6 will be The Targothian: Crimson Death (which is now being written and I'm shooting for the end of the year or the beginning of 2020).  The third book will be comprised of my original concept for Books 7, 8, 9.  The Targothian: The Circle Closes.   A 4th book, not part of the trilogy but being part of the series will be something like The Targothian: Allies and Enemies.  It will be a short story collection with the origin tales of the supporting characters from the trilogy.  Characters such as Qal Dea, Lord Gostal, Tymber, Arakus, just to name a few. 

And since this is Yoakum's RAMBLINGS, let me just say this:  WHY CAN'T PEOPLE PUT THEIR PHONES DOWN FOR THE FRIGGIN 2 HOURS IT TAKES TO PARTAKE OF A MOVIE!!!  I mean, really, is your social media so bloody important that you can't leave your fantastic FaceBook friends alone for a few hours and pay the fuck attention to the movie you paid good money to watch? 

See you soon, my rabid readers

Sincerely, your friendly neighborhood sociopath

Witching Hour: Zodiac

Posted by Larry Yoakum III on April 7, 2019 at 9:15 PM Comments comments (0)
Hello there. Time for my weekly blog entry. I hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready for the week ahead. I wanted to let you know, in case I hadn't already, that come October, I will be published in an anthology series. The Witching Hour: Zodiac. The premise is awesome. Each author has been assigned an aspect of the Zodiac at random and will write a horror related story about that sign. The one I was given was Gemini. My story's working title is Gemini: Mandela Effect. Basically my protagonist is from an alternate reality and he comes here during the sign of the Gemini, causing him to split into two people, the other half is a serial killer bent on murdering twins. Of course, like everything I write, it exists in my literary universe. I can't wait to check out everyone else's stories. It's a cool oppurtunity to get to work with such a vast group of talented authors. Look for it in October. I'll of course keep you posted. Thanks for checking out my blog and if you haven't already, please go to my YouTube channel (link located on the main page of this site) and subscribe for updates on new videos.

New book signing in April

Posted by Larry Yoakum III on April 1, 2019 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Greetings.  I know it is a bit early for a blog entry but what the hell?  I'll do it anyway. 

Coming this April 13, 2019, I will be at Half Price Books, 1645 N Town E Blvd #584, Mesquite, Texas, 75150 where I will be selling autographed copies of my books.  The featured book is The Targothian: Sargas - Book 1 of the Targothian Trilogy. 

This book is the beginning of the adventures of the person who comes to be known as Sargas.  At first he is an unnamed protagonist, but soon after discovering that his heritage isn't of this world, he takes the name of one of his ancestors, Sargas.

The book features time travel, battles in space, the Bah'Tene (semi-immortal beings who are empowered by the Archangel Michael) as they war against their ancient enemy, the forces of Lucifer (vampires, other demonic entities, and the Greys, just to name a few).  Sargas finds a power within him that he never knew was possible and he sets his sights on surviving the brutal environment of the Three Galaxies in order to catch up with his own time line. 

I have copies on hand if you want to buy direct from me.  If you do, email me at [email protected] and I'd be happy to help you with that.  Otherwise, the book is available at Amazon and in digital for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and iBooks.  The links to all these can be found on my bookshelf.  Just raise your gaze upwards to the top of the screen and you should see it.

OK, everyone have a good day and remember, just because you don't believe in something doesn't mean it isn't real.

I'm back and I'm still me

Posted by Larry Yoakum III on April 1, 2019 at 10:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Greetings to all.  It is I, your friendly neighborhood underground indie author.  After a long time away from the Ramblings, I am back.  Don't worry, I'll still be doing my YouTube videos, but I think I should also do this in order to give my rabid readers something to slake their thirst in between books.  This will be the place to be if you want to see what deals I offer on my books, my upcoming works in progress, scheduled book signings, and on occassion the things that annoy me.  After all, it is called Yoakum's RAMBLINGS for a reason. 

This way, you can get to know the man behind the books.  The person I am, the things that made me this way from my past and the things that make me the way I am in the present.

I rarely get political because usually politics bore the hell out of me.  I do have my opinions, though.  You might not agree with them.  That's fine.  I'm not here to make the world happy and hold hands and sing John Denver Christmas songs.  I'm on this Earth to write my books.

My plan is to write in my blog every week, probably Sunday evenings.  It might be just a few words.  It might be a long diatribe.  You just won't know until you come to my blog. 

And, while your at my site, please sign my guestbook so I'll know you stopped by.  Also, these blog posts can have comments.  I rarely edit them unless you're flat out rude or making a threat.  You know, things only a total asshole would do. 

Anyway, I have things to do so check back Sunday night. 

Possibly last blog entry here

Posted by Larry Yoakum III on December 15, 2017 at 11:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Greetings.  I think I am done with the blog thing.  I haven't posted in quite a while.  Too busy with writing.  But, I am going to have a YouTube video blog where I will be talking about my books, doing readings, etc.  Go to my YouTube channel and subscribe for further updates.

Thanks to those of you who have been keeping up with my work.  You people are awesome!

I hate to get political...but

Posted by Larry Yoakum III on January 19, 2017 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Not writing related, but let me just say, I am getting fucking sick of partisan politics. I have friends both Democrat and Republican, but they’re constantly demonizing the other side. I find that highly fucktarded. Do people not realize that there is ONE government, and they can control us by dividing us amongst ourselves? Makes us easier to control. I don’t like to get political, because I don’t see the point in “left” and “right” ideas. People just need to pull together as a nation. This is exactly why George Washington didn’t choose a party. He feared the division it would cause among the people. The man was right. He’d be embarrassed and annoyed with how we treat one another based off of politics.

The Left accuses the Right of being primitive, bigoted, sexist, homophobic, etc. The Right accuses the Left of being anti-government, radical, and other crap I can’t think of at the moment, but you get the idea.

QUIT LETTING THE POWERS THAT BE CONTROL YOU! I’m not saying to not vote. Voting is a privilege that many other countries don’t let their people partake in. Many brave American men and women fought and died to help secure that right for us. What I’m saying is quit voting based off of political parties. And quit calling your fellow citizens evil because they vote for the other guy. Just because we have the right to be assholes doesn’t mean we NEED to be.

As for Donald Trump, we as Americans need to support him and hope he does a great job. People who want him to fall on his face, that is true un-American thinking. If the President fails, bad things follow for EVERYONE. Had Clinton been elected, I wouldn’t be happy, but I’d support her, as her success is only a good thing for us.

But shame on both parties for nominating a loud mouth asshole and an untrustworthy vile twat. We as Americans deserve a better quality of candidate.

OK, rant over. Sorry, I don’t like to get political, as I said, but sometimes this shit just really pisses me off and makes me want to start whacking people with a 2X4 with a nail on the end.


Come on 2017. Let's do this dance!

Posted by Larry Yoakum III on January 5, 2017 at 10:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Welcome back to the blog, my rabid readers. I have been away too long. Part of my New Years resolution is to write in Yoakum’s Ramblings more. Maybe once a week if I can discipline myself enough.

What has been going on…

First off, Redcap may be made into an indie film sometime in 2018. I have been talking to My Little Rascal Productions. They are looking for stories to turn into low budget indie films. It won’t be chock full of special effects, but the story telling element is what is more important. After all, Star Wars may have had 70s effects and hair styles and puppets, but it was the story telling that got a generation of kids into it. They are filming something else right now, but my book should be next. After the contracts are signed and all that jazz. I will be keeping you posted on that for sure.

What else? The Targothian: Book V is being written and will be published in late April/early May.

After that, I am working on Baba Yaga, a sequel of sorts to Redcap. Baba was a side character in Redcap and now she will be getting her own book.

I am planning on getting Photoshop or similar software to start designing my own book covers. Once that is underway, I will be making new covers for my already done books and hopefully I can do the books justice with a new cover. I can’t afford to pay someone $200 plus dollars to do them so I will be spending that money on the software and be able to do all the covers I want. Maybe I’ll eventually design covers for others if they want. Ok, that is all for the writing news. Now for the rambling.

I love my cell phone, and true, I’ll text someone before I call them. It isn’t that I don’t want to talk to my friends, but I’ve never been a fan of talking on the phone. I’d rather talk to someone in person. That is why I like texting. Pass the info and meet somewhere for drinks and karaoke. That being said, PUT YOUR FUCKING PHONES AWAY AT THE THEATER! You can’t go 2 hours without communicating with your fantastic friends? Seriously? You just have to Twitter during the movie? Knock that shit off! You paid good money for that movie. Pay attention to it, dingus! Damn chuckleheads can’t stay off of Facebook, and for what? So they can be political and think they’re making a difference in the world by sharing political posts?


Partisan politics have ruined this country for decades. That is how they keep us under control. Divide and conquer. The Left slams the Right and demonizes them, and vice versa. Don’t give in, people. Vote for the person, not the party.

OK, I’m done for now. Hope to see you again here next week.  And, don't worry, I will ramble about more things besides politics and cell phones.  Plenty of shit out there pisses me off.