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Here I hope you find some useful links.  I have links to other writer's sites, causes I support, and things that I just find cool. 

   A veterans group I started.  We have a "knight" themed culture, but primarily we hang out together and support each other and are family.  If you're a veteran or know of any then check it out.  We're always interested in new members.

I am also an ordained minister.  I don't run a church or anything, or are particularly religious, though I do have my specific faith.  I became ordained through the Universal Life Church in order to officiate marriages.  I've done a lot of them now.  Check it out if you've got that special someone and just need someone to unify you in marriage together.

A good friend of mine, James Gilbreath, is a talented writer and a great artist.  He is mainly into his paintings nowadays, but he has all of his writing on his website, as well as his works of art.  As for the Melvin the Poet thing,  you'll have to ask him yourself.  You'll get a kick out of it.

Amber is a friend of mine.  A writer and an awesome poet, she is a native of the Dallas area.  Check out her blog, and you can find her books on as well.

My publishing house.  We don't really "publish" though.  We are all self-published though sites such as CreateSpace.  The publishing house is there to give our indie books some prestige.  We also do offer services such as proofreading and soon we will be designing book covers. 

  *  Politically_Derelict   Politically Derelict is the brand of my good friend Jerry Loeb.  He's a talented author, a veteran of these great United States, and a modern day political satirist.   He has also been a great source of advice for my own writing career.