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My books

This book contains my poetry and some written articles I've done over the years.  It isn't one of my bigger books, as I don't do a lot of poetry, but I find it entertaining, as does everyone I've talked to who has read it.

Available in paperback and in ebook format on the Kindle, Nook, and Kobo.

Book 1 of my Folklore Series.  

Kyle West, while visiting family after the murder of a young child, is starting to have visions of a horrid little monster. After meeting a mysterious private detective, Kyle comes face to face with the creature in the blood red cap

Book 2 of my Folklore Series.

Baba Yaga, a witch from Russian and Slavic mythology, has her true tale told as only I can do it.

Be warned, my tale of Baba is a bit twisted and dark.

Book 3 of my Folklore Series follows the Lowell family.  It is unfortunate for them that they have been targeted for years by an incubus.  A dark spirit that induces sleep paralysis in order to slowly feed off its victims, this terrible demonic entity must be stopped, lest it goes onto find more victims.

The 4th book of the series gives focus on not only the origin of Krampus, but the way Santa became who he is as well.  It ties into the other books of the Folklore Series, plus it brings a nice connection to the Targothian Trilogy and even the Daemon Cloak of Haniel.  It also connects to the two short stories on Santa in Yoakum's Compendium of Bizarre and Original Stories to the overall storyline.

This isn't one of my self published books, but I was once an author for Publish America.  They did a project where they listed all their authors alphabetically in a collection called "Why We Wrote".  I am in volume 4, but all the volumes are great.  It is interesting to read about all those authors and what motivated them to write.  If you wanted to get these, they may be available on the America Star Books website (formerly Publish America)  I don't own the rights to this book and I wouldn't get any royalties for it.  Nevertheless, I think it is worth having in any book collection.

No link to this book, but you might find it if you search far and wide on the web.

Another thing I am listed in is a work that Publish America/America Star Books did called Who Is Who In American Literature.  

Again, I don't get royalties for this, but still, an interesting read about some of the world's best writers.  Why am I in here?  I paid for it as a vanity publishing item. 

Was it worth it?  No, not really.  It's money I could have used to buy dinner for my lady or maybe some new shoes.

Same as with "Why We Wrote"  No link but it might be on Amazon or something.

WHERE TO FIND MY BOOKS:  Below are links to purchase these books on various platforms.  If you would like an autographed copy, contact me and if I have any on hand I'll send it to  you personally signed from me to you.  Normally I offer deals and discounts on multiple books, things of that nature.  Best way to find out any deals I have is to stay tuned to Yoakum's Ramblings and/or my YouTube channel.

I accept PayPal, which is actually preferred.  For the time being to buy direct, please email me at [email protected] and we'll arrange the payment/shipping.

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My short story collection offers a wide variety of tales, from a grocery store in Hell to intelligent zombies.  Pirates, angels, the Illuminati, and even Santa Claus fill this compendium.  All in a shared universe, as are all my books, you'll find some familiar characters interacting with each other, and keep yourself occupied for quite some time.

Bill Bauer goes on his first cruise.  A haunted ship, cursed painting, and a dark presence in the shadows overseeing events.

The first book of the Targothian Trilogy follows the origins of Sargas and his life after being taken back in time and brought to a far off place where he becomes something called a Bah'Tene, a warrior enhanced with the essence of the Archangel Michael. 

Told in his own words, he describes his traveling the Three Galaxies and fighting the dark forces of the universe such as vampires, demonic half-breeds, and even others of his own kind.  He discovers his family is not of the Earth, but hails from a far off world in the Andromeda Galaxy.  A world called Targoth.

Told in his own words, Sargas continues chronicling his story. After a long and successful rule over the planet of Targoth, Sargas soon encounters betrayal from a trusted friend and eventual banishment from the world he loves so much. Arriving back on Earth in the 1950s, he prepares to live his life until the fateful day his past self is to be taken by the Bah’Tene. He is happy to discover that the K.O.T. has continued to be in existence in the United States for quite some time. Claiming his place as Lord Knight among his Earthbound brethren, Sargas must prepare his comrades for a new threat that has emerged in the Three Galaxies: The Crimson Death.

With the world safe and the Crimson Death a distant memory, Sargas settles down to live out the rest of his life, now fully mortal and aging normally again.  However, in his sunset years and now an elderly man, he is requested to come to meet someone claiming to be the son of his old enemy, Gostal.  Facing this new threat, the original Targothian Knight regains his powers and sets himself upon a course that will take him to a faraway planet, a strange dimension, and ultimately meet a destiny which has been a very long time in the making.
In the Targothian Trilogy (Sargas, Crimson Death, The Circle Closes) you were introduced to the half-Targothian/half-Terran who would become a legend.
You learned about the mysterious Bah'Tene and their role in the Three Galaxies. You learned about the world of Targoth. It's traditions, culture, and citizens. You learned about events in Earth's history that Sargas had witnessed.
Throughout his life, Sargas met many people, friend and foe alike.
Though his story has been told, there is much more to learn about the people in the Targothian's life.
In this book, you'll find out more about his allies and enemies and about the events that led them to cross paths with Sargas.
The Targothian: Allies and Enemies is the newest addition to the Targothian saga and a further expansion on the events of the Yoakumverse.

Angus McMurry is a member of the Order of Haniel, a group that is dedicated to protecting the Daemon Cloak, a shape-shifting garment that was created by the Archangel Haniel thousands of years ago. Now, forced to take it upon himself to guard it alone, he must keep it out of the reach of the Nefarium, a race of demons that have long since been banished from the galaxy.

The Daemon Cloak changes its appearance to suit the individual style of the wearer, and it sprouts angelic wings to grant the power of flight.  It also can produce highly destructive fire and seemingly has a mind of its own when it decides its time to protect the person wearing it.

This is an anthology of dark stories and poetry.  Each month of the year has a story or two dedicated to it.  My contribution, "Mall of Madness" is the story for the month of April.

There are a lot of great stories in this book by many talented authors.  I am very honored to have been included among them.

This book was published by  

 Wild Dreams Publishing

(No longer in print)

Philip Chase

Svea Neizke

Davina Purnell

Katie Jaarsveld

Sheri Chapman

P. Mattern

L. Gauthier

Summer Sky

Tammy R Ray

Kiora Light

YM Zachery

An anthology of dark stories that I was lucky enough to become involved with.  My particular tale involves a run in with black eyed children.

This book was published by 

Absaroka Press

S,A, Stratton

Cory Swanson

Chelsea Ellingson

Dean Patrick

Amanda Luhrsen

Saleha Bakht

A small anthology book featuring stories by myself as well as Christina Korbal and newcomer Jim Hoerig.

This book was independently published by Christina Korbal